Wednesday, December 9, 2009

mix is done

hola amigos

the mixing sessions are over, now our debut-masterpiece needs to get some final hairspray with the mastering and then we have it in the can finally!

can't express my happiness right now, cause it sounds absolutely great!

and of course we can't wait to let you hear as soon as possible...

Rock on!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it's coming, it's coming!

Hey peeps

Long time no update hugh?
But that doesn't mean we didn't have enough to do :-)

While Tom is on his way to mix the last song and do some final adjustments before mastering, I'm currently busy putting together some artwork related things, because a good sounding disc needs a look that kills right? Our artworker is doing some fantastic job so far, so there's no worries about that!

As soon as we have the master ready, we will let you get a piece of the action, promised ;-)

It's just starting to snow here in Switzerland ... unbelievable, but x-mas is just around the corner damnit, ...


Friday, November 20, 2009

still mixing, .....driving home


7 Songs are in the box, mixed, ..yet to be mastered...
while Tom will be mixing the final 4 songs in the next days, me and Steffen will be heading back home now, .... we had an awesome, yet craaaazy time here at Flatliners Studios, but the madness will continue for sure the next weeks, ..we're not completely done yet ;-)

talking about driving home, ... guess Steffen's driving will keep him longer on the road than having thought in the first place.
but watch yourself:
all grandmom's on the road: WATCH OUT FOR STEFFEN'S DRIVING SKILLS!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

still mixing the cocktail

Hey folks

We just wanted to express our current status during the mixing process with the attached video.
unfortunately the video does have a strange ancle, .....well our engineer was already drunk during morning hours, so, what the hell, ...... put yer heads on yer shoulders :-) haha

You see: all hell broke loose and studio crazyness has not yet disappeared.... in contrary: it got even worse, haha

We have 4 Songs mixed, and they sound like a total bonecracker!

Having a coffee or two now...
Cede & Steffen

Monday, November 16, 2009

mixing sessions

Good morning y'all!

Last weekend we've been busy finding the
right sound, getting the right colour to the picture I have had in mind for this album when I wrote the songs. We have one first final mixed track that leads the way for all the other songs on the album, and we are really shocked about how good it sounds, haha Thumbs up for our engineering- and soundwizard Tom!

We're so curious about how the rest of the
album will turn out! Me and Steffen will be
here at the studios in Ingolstadt for the rest
of the week to check up on things.

We'll be coming around with all the album details by beginning/mid

december, by then the artwork will be ready too most likely.
Heading back to the soundcave now.....

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 11-12 - backing vocals, finishing touches

Good morning once again

The last two days, we've been busy with backing vocals, some effects here and
there, and adding some guitar gimmicks here and there....

Overall, listening to the dry signals, it already sounds
killer, and it's for sure that we have a lot of fun here
which makes the album so fresh, dirty and rocking.

We'll be starting with some pre-mixes now, and will be busy the next 8-10 days
with mixing and mastering.

That's it for now, you'll be first to here some snippets ;-)

Cheers with beers

Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 10 - last lead guitars/vox overdubs


Yesterday, we finished the last guitar leads, and checked the vocal lines Steffen sang in his friend's studio in Stuttgart.

So far everything sounds awesome already, and we'll be starting with some choir shizzle my dizzle :-)

As soon as we have some rough mixes ready we'll be deciding how the overall sound of the album should be, and will start with the mixing sessions on the weekend I suppose.

Steffen wants to point out a special greeting to all Milfs in Ingolstadt!

So far,... rock on ;-)