Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 8 - overdubs pt 1

Hi fellas

Now it's toy time :-)
I'm grabbing out a couple of effects and will start with overdubs today.
Aki had to go back home, so it's up to me now, to do some more
overdubs and all the lead guitars.... should be an interesting day I suppose.

This is what I like best: just messing around with sounds, find the
right mood, and nail down some crazy licks ;-)

Working with Tom at Flatliners, once again, is really cool, everything's
pretty laid back, and we're getting there step by step.

Later today, Steffen will arrive. While we've been recording guitars,
he already took advantage of his friend's RĂ¼diger Fleck's studio in
Stuttgart to record some lead vocals.
More later on....
Enjoy your day

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